Have you Embraced UGC?

Is User-generated-content (UGC) taking over the Internet?  Thanks to the Web, when people want to complain, read or listen to others, they congregate online.  Remember when just a short time ago if you wanted to voice your opinion you had to attend a meeting or send a letter to the editor or place a phone call … no doubt, people are still doing that but the question is “why?”  All you have to do now is turn your computer on and join a blog.

Just recently, eMarketer estimates the number of UGC creators will grown from 83 million last year to 115 million in 2013!  If you think that’s amazing, they are estimating that from 116 million content consumers in 2008 will reach 155 in 2013.  Take a look at their recent prediction:




Admittedly, it is a bit scary for companies to embrace user generated content, but let’s not forget that consumers are tired of having advertising pushed to them and so their attention is being pulled away from traditional avenues such as magazines, newspapers, etc. and on to the Internet where they can share the good, bad and ugly regarding a product or service.  It’s time for all companies to start paying attention to what your consumers and clients are saying about you and join in the conversation for the good of your business! 

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