Bigger isn't always better in PPC

The economic climate may be challenging, but the rate of user clicks on Google ads rose 18% in the third quarter of this year – underlining the ability of search marketing to not only withstand but benefit from the squeeze on traditional (offline) ad budgets.


While smaller, more agile businesses have seized the opportunities that pay-per-click advertising represents, larger businesses are being hampered by perceived skills shortages and technology issues.


A recent survey conducted by JupiterResearch has revealed that large companies spending over $50k a month are having trouble managing their pay-per-click campaigns.


Impediments cited included fear of risking ROI performance, inability to meet financial targets as costs per keyword rise, difficulty proving campaign effectiveness to management, and lack of available tools to handle large-scale needs.


44% of survey respondents said that running a well-managed, large-scale search marketing campaign is more difficult than running an election campaign for public office!

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