Are you Mobiling yet?

Have you ever wondered when Mobile Marketing was going to take off? Companies are talking about it, but I personally haven’t seen much fanfare from consumers. Until now …

I just changed my tune when I saw the "Visual Search Engine" application from Evolution Robotics ViPR coming out this June to iPhones. With ViPR, you can take a photo on the iPhone of a CD, movie or book, send it to a server and voila, you receive an email back with all the information and links to YouTube videos or iTunes Music Store links about that photo. Take a look:

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Of course, this has taken off in Japan in a huge way. Through their network, it works like a traditional search engine without having to type any search words – take a photo of a wine label and get expert reviews and recommendations sent to your phone!

Now it’s easy to understand why mobile marketing is projected to grow to $24 billion worldwide by 2013 (Source: ABI Research).

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