The WeatherVane Has Arrived!

Just in time for April’s showers, “The Weather Vane” has arrived! Unlike a weather vane that sits on top of a house, this one is delivered to your email address on a monthly basis – it’s CloudBurst Consulting’s monthly newsletter. Of course there is a small catch … you must opt-in to receive it. And why wouldn’t you want great online tips, latest news and articles and monthly chances to WIN prizes – Did we say PRIZES? Yes!

When you sign up for the April newsletter, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a weather station (check it out). And the prizes just keep coming – month after month. Do you want to know what the great prize is for May? Well, you’ll have to just sign up for the newsletter to see 🙂 The April newsletter has a great article regarding your online marketing strategies and whether or not they are recession-proof. Of course we’re assuming that yours are, but just to be sure, you might want to review the article which discusses what online marketing tactics yield the highest ROI and information on marketing accountability in the online world. Quite unlike the dot-com bust several years ago, online marketing programs can thrive in a recession as they can deliver measurable results.

Take social marketing tactics for example, these are certainly cost-effective and can deliver a measurable impact on a potential customer when they are researching a service or product. According to Forrester Research, “companies who move into areas like word of mouth (WOM), blogging and social networking will withstand tightened budgets.”

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